Retractable Stock Frequently Asked Questions


Iíve received so many questions about these stocks that Iíve compiled a Q&A regarding these stocks. I hope it covers all of your questions and then some.


Q. Is the stock manufactured by ATI?

A: No, it is not manufactured by ATI or GSG. The stock is manufactured by Jing Gong. Jing Gong has built a reputation for manufacturing high quality electric guns


Q: Do you have to modify the stock to get it to fit on a GSG-5?

A: No, it fits the GSG-5 perfectly. Itís a very snug fit.


Q: Is the Retractable Stock a piece of flimsy junk?

A: The more I use the stock the more Iím starting to like it. Itís not flimsy in my opinion. Itís very solid on my GSG-5.


Q: Does it wobble and bend?

A: I donít notice any wobble or bend in both, installed or uninstalled. Before I installed it I thought it might wobble or bend when installed but so far no movement. On the contrary, itís very stiffÖ


Q: Is it 100% steel constriction?

A: It is NOT 100% steel. The rails are steel but the butt and the front that installs on to the GSG-5 are both made of hard plastic. The front is made of a thinner plastic that I thought might break but Iíve had one now for about a month on my GSG-5 and itís holding up extremely well. The fit is so snug that I think it helps compensate for the fast that itís thinner plastic.


Q: Does it cover up the ejection area a little, or some when closed 100%?

A: It does cover the ejector port about 1/3 of the way when the stock is fully closed. Iíve shot with it closed and have yet to have it interfere with the ejection of any shells.


Q: Does the stock just fall off the Part that attaches to the Weapon, or does it incorporate a stop?

A: Is does not have a permanent stop and will fall out if you keep the lever held open. If you use the stock like most do that you just hold the lever until the stock starts to move and then release it, it will lock before coming completely out but again, it does not have a permanent stop.


I will tell you that most all of these stocks that are on the market today are Airsoft stocks with the exception of the 100% steal stocks that cost more than $200+. I try to ensure that my customers are happy with the products I sell and as I tell all of my customers, if you donít like or you have a problem with it please send it back and Iíll refund you completely. The last thing I want is to scare away a customer that I can have for life.


I encourage you to try one of these stocks. If you donít like it, return it and Iíll refund you your money.


I hope this helps. If you have any other questions please donít hesitate to ask.


Julio Valdes